The Bounce-O-Meter


The fine folks at Shock Absorber, makers of women’s sports bras, have published an online simulator called the Bounce-O-Meter.

The Bounce-O-Meter bounces boobs in your face visually demonstrates the differences in working out while wearing a sports bra, a regular bra, or nothing at all. The purpose of the Bounce-O-Meter is to get your rocks off educate women on the health benefits of sports bras, and is meant for spanking your monkey purely scientific purposes.

Found via Hedonistica

4 thoughts on “The Bounce-O-Meter”

  1. Paul, keep this up and I’ll have to take one digital life out of my bookmarks. I know you’re a boy, and you know you’re alienating some of us old ladies.

  2. as Paul Burd’s girlfriend, i am utterly stunned at this post. i understand his love of a woman’s form, both still and moving, but i find the posting of the bounce-o-meter to lack the merit his posts usually contain. i too may have to remove him from my ‘favorites’….you loose those 3 hrs of sci-fi geekdom you earned last week…..amk

  3. No disrespect intended… All in perverted good fun ;)

    Oh, and in terms of those 3 hours of SciFi… you know I’m still going to drag you to UltraViolet… whether you like it or not :)

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