A Scanner Darkly

A new movie from Warner Independent Pictures, called A Scanner Darkly, is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2006. It’s a scifi film starring Keanu Reeves, Robert Downy Jr., Woody Harrelson, and Winona Ryder. The movie is a composite of live-action photography and Interpolated Rotoscoping, giving it a very unique, “graphic novel” look.

“A Scanner Darkly is set in suburban Orange County, California in a future where America has lost the war on drugs. When one reluctant undercover cop (Reeves) is ordered to start spying on his friends, he is launched on a paranoid journey into the absurd, where identities and loyalties are impossible to decode. It is a cautionary tale of drug use based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and his own experiences.”

A Scanner Darkly looks like it could be pretty cool, at least visually. I’m looking forward to this one. Check out the trailer.

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4 thoughts on “A Scanner Darkly”

  1. I really like the style! It looks like a part of a music video… even better with great actors. That is the kind of movie, I was waiting for. Just stunning…. Greets from Germany -Nick

  2. If you like the style of that movie you should check out Waking Life. It came out a few years ago, it’s a very psychological movie.

  3. Thanks, looks also great! It is a psychological movie? Great, Next year, I`m going to study criminology and psycholgy.

  4. Looks amazing is about all I can say. I’ve loved Philip K. Dick and would like to see what Linklater can do with a Dick book. I wasn’t a fan of Waking Life outside of the glorious vision that he brought to it. It’s lack of plot was lost on me, granted I’ve purchased the DVD and watch it about once a year.

    I’m hoping that “A Scanner Darkly” survives as a good movie and isn’t mired down with poor acting that seems a little evident in the trailer. Woody sure isn’t doing a very good job, and Robert Downey Jr seems a little overdramatic, scenes with Keanu with the doctors at the table smack of The Matrix. I’m eager … but a little worried.

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