Apple Special Event on March 1st… NOT!

Apple Special Event

AppleInsider is reporting there will be a special event on March 1st, co-hosted by Steve jobs and Bono. The event will take place at the Moscone Center, here in San Francisco. The invitation sports an Aids ribbon, with a tagline reading “Together we can fight it”.

I don’t know what will be announced, but I think it’s a safe bet that it will be music related. Possibly a red, special-edition iPod, with proceeds going to Aids research?

Let the speculation run wild…

UPDATE: The story on AppleInsider seems to have been pulled. I’m not sure why. There is a similar mention of the event on MacMinute, but they don’t throw out any speculation on the event, like the AI article.

UPDATE #2: Now both articles have been pulled, without explanation. Was it a hoax? I’m trying to find information.

UPDATE #3: Damn it all… it was a hoax! There is no event scheduled for March 1st. Thanks to TUAW for the news.

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