Learn to Podcast… Podcast

Learn to Podcast

Apple has put together their own Video Podcast, entitled Learn to Podcasticon. It’s a series of 8 videos that guide you through the process of creating a Podcast or Video Podcast using iLife ’06.

I’ve only watched a litle bit, but they seem to be nice tutorials. However, the odd thing is… the videos are 640×400, which is a very odd size in itself… but it’s also a size that is NOT supported by the 5G video iPods. You have to either watch them on your computer, or convert them to an iPod friendly format yourself. What’s up with that? Hey Apple, wouldn’t it have made more sense to produce your Video Podcast in a format compatible with iPods?

UPDATE: I just converted the 8 videos to an iPod compatible format. Apparently Apple doesn’t want to make this easy, because I had a few problems. When a video was converted (in either iTunes or QT7 Pro) underscores were added between every character.

Example: The name “Adding a Podcast” bacame “_A_d_d_i_n_g__a__P_o_d_c_a_s_t_”.

Depending on how I converted the videos, the goofy name, sometimes, or sometimes not, show up in the finder, iTunes browse window, or the iTunes get-info window. But, it was definitely in the meta data for the files (even if I couldn’t see it). iTunes didn’t seem to care one way or another, but my iPod cared. It would sync the videos, but the names would show up as blank on the iPod, making them a little difficult to browse through. I had a lot of re-typing to do to get everything to work correctly. WTF!

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