Upgrading to WordPress 2

I’m upgrading to WordPress 2. The site may be a little wonky while I work things out. I already know at least some of my plugins are not compatible. I’m hoping my template only needs minor tweaking.

UPDATE: Everything appears to have gone relatively smoothly. I’m now running WordPress 2.0.1. I only had to do very minor tweaking, and update a couple of my plugins. If anyone notices anything that doesn’t appear to be displaying properly, let me know.

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2 thoughts on “Upgrading to WordPress 2”

  1. Most of the plugins I use actually have a version that is compatible with WP2. I had some old versions, so it was just a matter of downloading the latest versions. Here’s a great list of compatible / incompatible plugins.

    There is one plugin I really like, called Comment Authorization. The site doesn’t mention compatibility with WP2, and someone commented on the product page that it isn’t compatible. I tried it anyway, and it seems to work fine.

    So far here’s the plugins I am using with WP2:

    Bad Behavior, Comment Authorization, Gravatars, Live Comment Preview, Subscribe to Comments, Blank Target Comments, Tiger Administration, Weathericon

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