One Digital Life may need a new home

I just received an email from my host (Lunar Pages) stating odl is using “excessive resources, causing a significant degradation of services on the server”. They have moved odl to a temporary server while I correct the issue. Ummm… I’m not exactly sure what to do here. They say the high usage is attributable to PHP processing, but can’t narrow it down any further. They suggest switching to a dedicated server… but that’s $99 a month. I’m not really willing to pay that much.

Other than the standard install of WordPress, the only other item I have installed is Mint (with many Peppers). Does anyone know if Mint (or it’s Peppers) could be eating up the server’s processor? I’m not sure how to reduce my PHP processing, and I don’t really want to switch hosts, Lunar Pages has always been a really good host. Maybe odl has become too popular for it’s own good.

While the site is on the temp server, there may be some outages and downtime. Bear with me while I try to sort this out. Suggestions are welcome.

UPDATE (01.08.06): It looks like I am safe for now. I upgraded to Mint 1.25 and deactivated some of the Peppers that I wasn’t using. Lunar Pages says my server resource usage has dropped, and they have moved the site back to a production server. I’m glad I didn’t have to move right now. I have a tight deadline I’m working under for one of my projects and didn’t really have time to deal with it. Also, I’ve always been happy with LunarPages so I was hoping this would work out. If this happens again though, I may need to look at other options.

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  1. Paul,

    I am currently using Hasweb ( to host two of my sites. They are very reliable and very low prices. You can also try Dimehost (

  2. That is standard Web Hosting RIPOFF terminology. Try Googling “Lunar Pages Problems” and see what comes up. As I recall, this crap gets pulled on people all the time to get them to upgrade.

  3. Thanks to everyone for all the info and suggestions so far.

    I upgraded my Mint to 1.25, and uninstalled some of the Peppes I wasn’t using in hopes that this would reduce the “drain on server resources”. I sent LunarPages an email telling them what I had done and asked them to check my site. They wrote back and said my usage had dropped, but they want to leave the site on the temp server for a little while longer to see if it stays down.

    We’ll see what happens…

  4. Hmm same thing happened to me this weekend. I posted about it in lunarforums as I was not satisfied with the information given.

    At least 3 other people got hit this weekend too:

    I was pretty mad as they managed to break other things on my site this weekend as well. In two separate incidents they disabled wget I was using in my cron jobs and renamed my ‘contact.php’ script simply because it has a “bad name” that might be used by spammers regardless of how secure it is. Having been very satisfied with them in the past, LP are now on shaky ground with me.

  5. Hey thanks for the post. I am running into a similar problem and I used Textism’s Refer instead of Mint. So I am guessing that what it causes the problem. So I chuck it out and hope it will be the solution.

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