8-ft. LEGO Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser

Lego Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser

Are you the ultimate Star Wars collector? Than you’ll want to know about this custom, one of a kind, Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser made entirely of LEGO. It’s eight feet long, 150 lbs, and uses 35,000 pieces. It was built by “LEGO Master Builder”, Erik Varszegi.

The LEGO Attack Cruiser is for sale on eBay. As of this writing, the current bid is a mere $29,100.00… a small price to pay for the ultimate Star Wars collector.

100% of auction proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity’s hurricane relief efforts in the southeastern United States.

found via Binary Bonsai

7 thoughts on “8-ft. LEGO Star Wars Rebel Attack Cruiser”

  1. hey how much money all together did it cost for all the blocks and stuff ill buy step by step insructions if there for sale…. i just wanted u to know that thing is nice i need one!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked star wars sience i was 2 years old and this is just awsome i li put my email so u could email me k

  2. man how did u do that i mean im only fifteen and i make cool stuff but god that is by far the coolest thing made out of legos i have ever seen

  3. that is crazy, that is the craziest thing i have ever seen in my life. i have a mini version version of it about 3 in. but 8 ft. wow.can it fit any minifigures?ships?

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