Macromedia is gone

Formerly Macromedia

Well… it’s official. On Saturday Adobe announced the buyout of Macromedia is complete. You can now buy all of Macromedia’s products over at the Adobe store. They even have special design and web bundles that are comprised of products from both companies. The Macromedia logo is also no longer on their site. It probably won’t be too long before we see packaging updates as well.

2 thoughts on “Macromedia is gone”

  1. Well, I’ve already written quite extencively on

    about my feelings – but here’s a roundup; I think it’s increadibly stupid of Adobe to kill off Macromedia – not because I’m a huge Macromedia-fan; I’m not (rather the opposite) – but because there are people who are.

    And I think this big-time merge of profiles will really seem arrogant, in the eyes of those people…

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