Taco Bell on the Beach

Taco Bell on the Beach

Last weekend we went down to Fort Funston to give Emmitt (our dog) a run on the beach. Afterwards we went to one of my favorite places… A Taco Bell that’s right on the beach. They have a huge back deck that is right on the sand.

I can’t tell you exactly where it is, but it’s about 20 minutes south of Fort Funston. I think it’s a few miles south of Pacifica. If you’re in the area, and you like Taco Bell, I highly recommend stopping by… the location can’t be beat.

UPDATE: Reader, Dee Golden, was nice enough to add the exact location, and more details in the comments for this post. Thanks Dee!

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  1. WOW dude!! that would be so awesome sitting on the beach watching the sun go down, whilst munching on some awesome burittos!

    We don’t have anything like that in Scotland :(

  2. This Taco Bell is in Pacifica on Highway One. It’s in the Linda Mar section of Pacifica. It used to be an A & W Root beer stand. It used to have a fireplace too, but it was removed when Taco Bell renovated it.

    It is indeed the greatest place to get fast food and sit and watch the beach action and surfers from a protected environment as it’s often windy and chilly. On the sunny days, it’s delightful to sit on the deck.

    Taco Bell even has an order window you can access from the deck. The rest rooms are outside on the deck, and unfortunately are usually wet and sandy. Now that there are new restrooms and showers for surfers to use in the beach parking areas, I’m hoping the rest room conditions will improve.

    There’s free parking for Taco Bell customers. And free beach parking (so far, there’s talk of charging) north and south of the Taco Bell. This is a favorite beach for surfers, particularly beginners. There are public restrooms in the north parking area and showers in the north and south parking areas. Across the street to the east is the Linda Mar shopping center with Safeway, Starbucks, Denny’s, Rite Aid and other stores.

    This is at the southern end of Pacifica. Continuing south you will drive uphill and go through the Devil’s Slide area of Highway One before hitting Montara, then Moss Beach (with the really nice Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, then continuing south you pass by the airport, and Pillar Point Harbor before reaching Half Moon Bay at Highway 92.

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