Griffin EarJams

Griffin EarJams

Many iPod users, myself included, would agree that Apple’s standard earbuds are NOT all that comfortable. They are just a little too big, so you have to jam them into your ear. For a short time it’s OK, but for extended listening, they start to become very uncomfortable.

I was looking at Apple’s in-ear headphones as a possible replacement, but today I bought Griffin’s EarJams. I never really payed much attention to them, so I thought they were earbud replacements, but they’re not. They are actually little snap-on covers for Apple’s stock earbud.

EarJams come with three sizes of silicon pads, so you can find the perfect fit. Griffin also claims they offer better sound quality, and “massive bass”. I personally couldn’t really tell the difference in sound quality, but the better fit was awesome.

CompUSA has Griffin EarJams for $11.49. Compared to Apple’s $39 in-ear headphones, that’s a great deal.

3 thoughts on “Griffin EarJams”

  1. You made the right choice. I bought the Apple in-ear headphones and they totally suck! They are way more comfortable than the provided iPod earphones but they sound much weaker and DON’T stay in your ear very well so you are constantly adjusting them. What a bummer.

  2. I too bought the griffin earjams a while ago, they are comfy but i found the sound to be a whole lot murkier, but the bass way better than the normal pod earphones. I got annoyed after a while and decided to buy a pair of sony in-ear fontopia earphones (priced at £30) which were totally awesome! But unfortunatelly they didnt last long (approx 6months), so just recently i bought the apple in-ear earphones and am loving them to bits. I would truly say spend that extra bit of cash and get a great pair of earphones…i’ve heard mixed reviews, but for me they truly do kick ass, even do the pricemark may be a bit expensive for some folk, i think they’re just perfect. I have tons of really bassy songs, and the apple earphones feel like little sub-woofers inside my head!

  3. I’m a runner, and music is what keeps me going, but running involves lots of motion, so most things stuck in your ear won’t stay. I had hoped Griffin EarJams would do the trick, but unfortunately, they don’t. I’ve use the smallest size adaptor, but they’re still so fat and short that they don’t push very deep into my ears, not deep enough to stay, and so after awhile, they just fall out. My son (16) has smaller ear canals, and he can’t even get the smallest size into his ears. I know some are squeemish about pushing anything too deep into the ear canal, but these short, fat devices sit too shallow for activities like running. They should be a little longer, and a little narrower, for a better fit.

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