NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire.
Future of MarsEdit unknown.

NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire

It was announced today that NewsGator has acquired NetNewsWire, from independant Mac software developer, Ranchero. Why do I care? Well, NetNewsWire has been my news reader of choice for quite some time now. I like it… a lot. I don’t want to see some big company screw it up.

It’s possible that NewsGator will make a great product even better, but it’s also possible that I’ll be looking for a new RSS reader. Only time will tell.

One thing is for sure, NewsGator has it’s own agenda. They will want to integrate NetNewWire with their other software and services. So needless to say, NetNewsWire will be going through some changes. One thing I’m betting will change is NNW’s ability to sync with .Mac or an ftp server. I’m sure NewsGator will pull that functionality in favor of syncing with it’s own subscription based service instead.

The other big question is what will happen to MarsEdit? If you are unfamiliar with MarsEdit, it’s a weblog editor for the Mac. MarsEdit is to writing blogs, what NetNewsWire is to reading them.

MarsEdit wasn’t included in the purchase, and Ranchero Founder, Brent Simmons, says they are “currently looking for a home for it”. The future of MarsEdit is uncertain to say the least. I may be looking at Ecto real soon.

UPDATE: Brent Simmons has posted clearification on his blog about the sale of Ranchero. It looks like it does include MarsEdit, along with all the other Ranchero software. They just don’t know what they will be doing with the other software.

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  1. Hey Paul

    As always I always hear the important news from you first!. Its a shame about MarsEdit, but ecto is pretty cool, I downloaded it yesterday, and have been playing with it today, its all pretty straight forward, and definately worth the price, infact I would probably say its better than MarsEdit, I can use it with ‘Blogger’ to.

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