Toast 7 – “Roxio” Sucks?

Roxio Restore Error

So, I recently bought Toast 7, and it arrived yesterday. The only new feature that I really care anything about is the CD spanning, which would allow me to backup some of my projects that have single files that are larger than will fit on one CD or DVD.

Well, guess what… it doesn’t appear to work all that well, or at all. I did a little test and burned one large file across two CDs and everything appeared to be OK, until I tried to restore it.

The way it works is, Toast burns a small app called “Roxio” onto the CDs/DVDs that have the spanned files. You are supposed to be able to click on that app, on any of the spanned CDs, and restore anything from any of the discs… without having Toast installed. Well, when I click Roxio, I only see a message that says “Disc Index File not found”, and I’m forced to quit. WTF! Roxio Restore doesn’t seem to recognize its own CDs.

I can’t find any mention of the problem on the Roxio support site, which totally sucks by the way. Has anyone else out there had this problem?

UPDATED (12.20.05): Roxio just released the Toast 7.0.2 update. It supposedly addresses the disc spanning issues, along with numerous other bug fixes. I haven’t tried it yet though.

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  1. Are you running the Restore App from the disc itself? Insert a disc from the spanned set and run the Restore tool right from the disc, not your hard disk.

    If still having problems, please post on the Roxio discussion board.

    Updated by paul: WordPress doesn’t seem to like the link above. The last part of the link should be “toast_7_t”. Copy/paste the link and add in the undersores.

  2. From what I hear an update is coming soon. Don’t know if the update will deal with your issue or not. But considering I’ve put a few calls out to try to get an answer and have had no luck, it’s a good possibility.

  3. I get the same error. If it helps, the files can be recovered from the discs using the cat command, but it requires some serious HD space (about twice the size of the archived files.) I just tried it with a file split over 2 DVD discs that were giving me the error.

    If you copy the files with extension .spanned from the discs to your HD, then you can type in the terminal

    cat file1.spanned file2.spanned > wholefile.ext

    where wholefile.ext is the name of the original file that was split. Note that the .spanned files have to be specified in the right order.

    It’s a bit of a hassle, but at least the disc spanning will work this way until Roxio releases a fix.

  4. I had exactly the same problem.

    Roxio restore opens, then says the same error, and quits.

    Any luck in getting it fixed??

    Not an issue for me, as just backing up small data files (e.g. excel, word, jpegs etc.), but a hassle.

  5. No, no solution yet. I started a Forum Thread over at Roxio, and others have had the same problem.

    The last person who posted on the thread had this to say…

    “Roxio gave me the follwing answer to the issue:

    We are aware of the issue and is currently being looked at. This issue is system specific. However, you might want to try creating a new user account on the system and test with the new account and see if that helps.

    It worked for me!”

  6. This ‘work around’ worked for me.

    Though it seems mad, and I don’t understand it. Some computer whiz can tell me why.

    I happaned to be backing up my laptop from my desktop, and had the laptop in firewire target disk mode.

    So, instead of putting the disc into my desktop (imac G4 1GHz, 512MB) I put the spanned DVD into the targeted laptop. The DVD then pops up on my imac, and the roxio restore program worked perfectly.


  7. Toast’s disk spanning still sucks right though version 9.

    Now tell me, why do they want to add this ‘value-add’ of a restore function on top of the spanning?

    Why not just split the data over the disks and write it as-is? That way if it fails no harm done, I just check to where I have successful writes and restart with the other data…

  8. @Alwyn – The restore function isn’t necessary for small files, but you do actually need it when you’re backing up a single file that is larger than 1 disc. That’s the real power of this feature.

  9. I’m having a problem myself. I had a mac that crashed, my ex had all my music on his MAC while I was in transition. He then burned three cd’s worth of music on Toast.

    When I put them in now, brand new, Windows 7 pc, the restore comes up, begins to work… and basically freezes. It starts to work and then doesn’t continue. I can’t cancel the operation, I have to literally open the CD slot to stop the program.

    Any suggestions on how I can work this out?

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