Video Attract-Loop

Southwest Microwave: Video Attract loop

I’ve been a little slow to post these last few days, because I’ve been swamped with work. It’s finally settled down a bit, and I can take a little breather.

The project that consumed most of my time since late last week, was a video I was doing for Southwest Microwave. It’s your basic, corporate video attract-loop that is playing on a 50″ plasma display in their booth at a trade show they are attending this week in Florida. It was kind of last minute, so I only had about three days to through it together. All things considered I think it came out fairly well. of course, I would have loved to have had a little more time to work on it.

The ‘video’ is made entirely of animated stills. It was built in Adobe After Effects. The overall look was designed to compliment their printed material.

Watch the movie – 14MB QuickTime

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