Buy art… help Katrina survivors

Art of Allen Harris
© 2002-2005 Charles Allen Harris

I’ve just learned that odl reader, Charles Allen Harris, is donating all of the proceeds from the sales of his artwork, through the end of September, to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. If his efforts are successful, he may extend it into next month too, but don’t let that stop you from buying something now.

From Allen’s site…

I’ve decided to donate 100% of this month’s proceeds from art print sales to the disaster relief effort. All funds will be donated to support the newly-established Metro Atlanta Disaster Response (site forthcoming), a multi-denominational effort among Atlanta’s churches set up to help the refugees we have received here in our own city.

Seriously, you get a kick-ass piece of art, and some displaced family gets to eat. Not a bad deal.

So, tell your friends – if you were thinking of buying a print for yourself or someone as a gift, now would be the time. Thanks!

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