I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks, almost exclusively, for a couple of decades now. I love them. The other day we stopped in a shoe store while we were running some errands, and I happened to see these (above). I though, wow… that’s a really good price for Birkenstocks. Normally they range from $85-$115. Imagine my surprise when I flipped back the strap to reveal the true name… “Birko” I was very disappointed. I’d be willing to bet that the placement of the name and the strap are no accident.

In all fairness to Birko, I’ve never tried them… maybe they are a fine shoe. They do say they use genuine Birkenstock footbeds.

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  1. i bought a pair. the only difference is the strap is plastic where the “real” birks are of leather.
    they are made by birkenstock, since most people won’t pay 100 dollars for sandles (me being one of those).

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