Google Talk

Google Talk

The internet is a buzz this morning with Google Talk. Google introduced their new chat service last night, and like all things Google, it’s currently in beta.

Personally, I think TUAW said it best… “I need another messenging service like a fish needs… another messaging service.”

People, people, people… we need one set of standards that everyone uses. We should be able to use our client app of choice, with all networks. It’s a pain in the ass to maintain different client apps and accounts to chat with different people.

That being said, although Google isn’t supplying a Mac app, they do have instructions for using Google Talk with iChat. Although I hear it’s a little buggy. What’s up with Google snubbing the Mac with all their new apps lately?

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  1. so it isn’t available for Mac yet, but I just saw a friend using Trillian – which is a global client for MOST chat systems (notably not iChat).

    He has Yahoo, MS, and AIM IDs, and all messages come to Trillian – it’s pretty cool

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