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If you are in the computer related design industry, you’ve probably heard of They make a huge collection of training materials for various creative applications, that are available either online, or on CD-ROM.

Between now and 8/31/05, is offering a free 24 hour pass to access all of their online training material. It is definitely worth taking advantage of. Don’t sign up until you are ready to use it, because the 24 hours starts the moment you sign up. But, don’t forget that the offer expires on 8/31.

One big advantage to using this free pass, is you’ll get half-off any CD-ROM titles. It’s a very good deal! Let me explain… offers two ways to access the training materials. One is to become a member and subscribe to the service for a monthly fee. The other is just buying the materials on CD without becoming a member. Here’s where this free coupon comes in handy… Members get 50% off the CD titles, and for the 24 hours that your pass is active you are considered a member with all member benefits. Get the picture? When you sign up for the free pass, you’ll be offered a coupon code, don’t lose it because you’ll need it to get the discount.

UPDATE: Today is September 1st, and it appears as though you can still get the free pass. They either changed the expiration date, or I was wrong about it.

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