Pardon the mess


Last week odl reader, Laurence, asked if I could make the design of this site available as a wordpress theme. I’m in the process of working on it. Once I get the theme tweaked, I need to write up some documentation for it and prepare a Photoshop template. I hope to have everything ready by Friday.

In the meantime, If things look a little wonky around here at times, it’s because I’m making some changes and testing the theme. Please excuse the mess.

6 thoughts on “Pardon the mess”

  1. I like your theme as well, though I don’t want to use it for my blog, I would like to use your custom search box. I can’t find much support for customizing search boxes @

    Would you mind sharing your php skill with the world? Or, at least with me?

  2. Hi Stencer,

    Thanks, glad you like it. I was at your site, and thought it looked really cool too. You did a nice job with your design.

    I’ve never thought of making a skin for Squarespace. I don’t know anything about its structure. Making one for WordPress is pretty easy, because it’s the blogging system I use, and my design is based on an existing theme… I just tweaked it. Maybe I’ll look into Squarespace too.

  3. Hehe thanks paul. Squarespace’s system is easy…select a theme, export the xml file, do your thang, re-import it, then activate it. For fine tuning, you just gotta play around with the css file, which is done through the browser. If you get time, sign up for the no-obligation 30day trial and play around with it.

    I’m guessing it’s kinda similar to wordpress, but i may be wrong hehe…anyway keep up with the good work dude ;)

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