Portrait of a poo eater

Emmitt the poo eater

My name is Emmitt… and I eat poo.

We took Emmitt out to Fort Funston (a local beach) last weekend. The far end of the beach has horses, and as you might suspect… horse poo. Unfortunately, Emmitt considers this a delicacy. Despite our best efforts, he ate some. He’s been sick ever since. Luckily, today he’s finely doing much better. A little more “solid” you might say.

Damn poo eating dog!

5 thoughts on “Portrait of a poo eater”

  1. I caught my infant daughter eating dog poo. It was disgusting. Now, 13 years later, she denies that she ever did it…but I know the truth.

  2. My dog eats her poo all the time. She was attending a social function and decided to unload in front of a large group of people and then turned around and ate it. Shortly after, she got sick and threw up, and then turned around and ate that too. I believe that would make the third it went through her system……

    – confessions of a teenage poo eater.

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