Nvu: A Poor Man’s Dreamweaver

Nvu: Poor man's dreamweaver

Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a “new view”) is a cross-platform, open source web authoring application that has been described as a poor man’s Dreamweaver. One, because it does bare some visual similarities to Dreamweaver, and two, because it’s totally free! That’s right web fans, it’s free. Nvu is offered in Mac, Windows, and Linux versions, and can be downloaded from here.

I first heard of Nvu a few weeks ago. I haven’t had time to really test it, but I did play around with it a little. It seems to be a pretty nice little app, offering most of the standard features that you would expect from a WYSIWYG web-authoring tool. Definitely worth looking into if you don’t want to drop the cash for either Dreamweaver, or GoLive.

2 thoughts on “Nvu: A Poor Man’s Dreamweaver”

  1. Which would you say is better, GoLive, or Dreamweaver? I use DW all the time… but I’m looking at GoLive. Especially since Adobe acquired Macromedia. What say you?

  2. I’ve used both, and I’ve always thought GoLive was a superior product (for me). But, DW is more the standard, and like you said… now that Adobe owns both, I don’t think we’ll be seeing too much more from GoLive… unfortunately. I think Adobe may put out a few maintenance updates for GoLive, but put the bulk of their development time into DW, integrating it into the Creative Suite, alomg with Flash.

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