The most disgusting burger ever

White Castle

On our recent vacation, I had my very first White Castle burger. We were able to stop at a White Castle on our drive from Milwaukee to Chicago. I had never been to White Castle because they didn’t have them in Arizona, where I grew up. When faced with the opportunity, I had to try one to find out what all the hub-bub was about. After trying a White Castle burger, or “slider” as they’re called, I can honestly say it was the most disgusting burger I’ve ever had. I don’t know what they are made of, but it’s definitely NOT beef. The meal comes with three little burgers, fries, and a drink. I barely got through my first burger when I had to call it quits. Why people like these little goo-balls is still a mystery.

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  1. You should come out to the South some time and have a Krystal burger. Sort of the neater, more respectable cousin to the White Castle. Still small and square, but not as soggy with grease. The real genius of these little gems is only realized while driving – they’re the perfect size for eating and steering at the same time.


  2. I’ll have to give Krystal Burgers a try next time I’m traveling. Less soggy would definitely be a good thing. Their website has a store locator page, and strangely enough it lists “Redlands, CA” as the example location. The reason that is strange is because there are no stores in California. The closest store to me is 1,770 miles away, in Carrollton, Texas.

  3. Oh god, don’t tell me you had a white nasty while sober.

    The next time you’re in a state that has white castle ‘restaurants’, stop by 30 minutes after the bars close and watch the long drive through lines. I’d only have a cheesy slider or gut bomb if I was drunk, hungry and not near anything else that was open that late at night. They can actually be quite enjoyable after 6-12 beers are in your system, but I’d never think of having them while sober.

  4. Well, I can certainly see why you would’nt like White Castle “Slyders”, I grew up in Columbus, Ohio which is where White Castle origionated. I’ve been eating them since I was a kid. Trust me, at two in the morning, when your drunk off your backside….it’s hard to beat a few cheesburger slyders with some greasy crinkle cut fries….MMMMMMM Just make sure you don’t eat more than four, ( They can be bought in sacks of ten ) And talk about Flatulence!!! Whew!!! BAROOOOOOFF!!!! Dehydrated onions , cooked on a steam grill. I worked on a plastics extrusion plant in Zanesville Ohio, and it just so happened that White Castle was building a New Meat Processing facility around the corner….I knew the Superintendant and was able to tour the new State of the art Proccessing facility. Practically Sterile. Rest assured, White Castles ARE made from 100% BEEF. AND they are GOOD!!!!!! Just not too many.

  5. personally i have never had a white castle burger or “slider” since i live in england but has anyone seen that movie Harold and Kumar get the Munchies well its about these two lads who get high on smoking to much weed and get the munchies so they then start to crave some burgers from white castle during the movie you see a preview of a white castle advert and i must say them burgers look delicious, so if you were to judge a book by its cover i simply disagree with you but then again i have never tried a burger from white castle. 1 last thing if any of you lot manage to watch that movie watch it because its hilarious.

  6. Now thats enough! A rat is an american tradition! Me mum and da met at one in 1950 in Elizabeth NJ. Meand my chums would wake uo the next afternoon and kick the cardboard containers out of bed. They are strictly made to soak up the jello shots and flaming 151 bombs! A rat is a livers best friend and they did not come in last for cheap nourishment! Soilent Green was dead last in that taste test!

  7. I am eating 6 white castles as i read and write this…..i grew up in New York, the greater metro. area, and from my understanding it is the only place to get white castles outside of the midwest….but anyway….slyders are delicious….whether drunk or not….i have crave crate in my freezer….(thats 100) and trust me i will eat them ALL….anyone who says they are disgusting is crazy….they can make you sick if you eat too many….but just dont let yourself get to that point….for extra fun, try getting a double cheese, or a double bacon….or whatever you want….their all good….


  8. White Castle originated in Kansas but its headquarters are now in Columbus, Ohio. Krystal basically ripped off White Castle’s business model. White Castle was THE first fast food restaurant! Give it up for an American Original!

  9. White Castle Is freakin good. I dont know what people are on when they say its disgusting, but those little burgers hit the spot. Maybe, cuz your sober, you should really try it when your drunk or high, its 100 times better…oh soo good.!!!! A #1 with a bacon burger and 6 pc of chicken rings….im gona get me some white Castle right now!!!Point is, white Castle isnt bad or disgusting, it the person who thinks they are..HA HAAAH!!!!

  10. Well, coming from a teenage vegetarian who works at a White Castle, here’s my oppinion:
    The burger may be disgusting, but I’m a sucker for the buns. Seriously, if you ever go back: just buy a Crave Case of the Buns ($4.77) and cram your pockets full of the Grape/Strawberry Jelly.
    Fucking Heaven! I promise you.
    Oh, and don’t forget to zap the buns in a micorwave for a couple seconds.

  11. rat burgers are the shit!! drunk or not, they send you to another place. they are the east coast equivilant to menudo for a hang over. rat burgers and yohoo!

  12. I am from Detroit and relocated to Arizaon, When people ask me what I miss, one of those things I say is sliddrs(White Castle Burgers)
    I do not not drink but it didnt stop the love for those burgers. I wan to buy a franchise and bring it to Tucson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I am organizing a Slyder Throw Down at work as a fundraiser for the United Way. We’ll have 11 brave souls putting down around 20 slyders in 15 minutes or less. Not much by competitive eating standards but enough to cause some serious afternoon gastric challenges in the cubicles. Peace to Slyder Nation.

  14. I do not have any idea what the record is for eating White Castle Burgers, but I got a friend who orders four bags of ten every time he orders them. I’ve seen him do it so many times I know he truely likes his White Castle Burgers. I’ve asked his why so many, and he said “MC-Ds are bigger, but then again they are all bun and its all about teste not a bun”.

  15. I was born in Yonkers N.Y. but I live in south Florida just 40 minutes north of Miami. Im going back during the beginning of December to spend a whole month with family for the holidays. And let me tell you, White Castle fucking rules. At least for me, lol. They don’t have them here. They have that knock off called Crystal and they dont taste the same. Im a bodybuilder so I must eat a lot to get my muscles to grow. And let me tell you, I can down a crave case of 30 in 15 to 20 minutes flat. But get ready. there is a reason why they call them “slyders”. I tell people in New York who have in issue where they must defecate and I tell them, “Don’t buy a laxative, go to white castle.”

  16. Uhhh, White Castle “originated” in witchita Kansas & they seem to only be appreciated by those who were raised on them.

  17. You people are sick twisted individuals, and you don’t know what’s good. White Castles are delicious. I am enjoying some right now, and I’m sober as a judge. Mmmmm now that’s good stuff.

  18. DISGUSTING!!! I grew up mostly in S.Florida and live in lower Westchester county; We had to try it for the first time so we drove down to the Bronx. We shoulda left there when the ordering service was terrible, the grill plate looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a while. The bread has no density at all, and the meat, if you wanna call it that, is paper thin (with five holes WTF?). They say, supposedly, that the holes are so that you don’t have to flip the so-called patties. Anyway, I for one will never eat a White Castle burger ever unless I’m starving; even if there isn’t anything to eat for another 50 miles.
    Thank you White Castle

  19. I think these rude and snotty comments are quite ridiculous being the entry is about, simply, burgers. People are getting huffy whether fighting over the pure deliciousness or the distaste they have for the White Castle burger. I think a lot of this depends on where the burger was eaten. That’s what it sounds like. It would appear if there were a few bad resturants and then some really good ones. It’s pretty much the same with every other fast food franchise. So, calm down people, and don’t feel insulted when someone bad talks your precious burgers. It was most likely preparation.

  20. Lol…. Its all the people who are not from NY who dont like White Castles . The classic cheese burger ones are good and the Jalepeno ones are good ! Best place to get them from is the one in Yonkers , always good there and near the Palisades mall.
    Nothing like belly bombers & Go Yankees!

  21. I don’t know how White Castle gets away with putting almost no meat on those tiny burgers.

    I grew up in NY and hated White Castle. I refused to eat there. But all these years later, I have recently started to buy the frozen burgers. But they are so small, you need to eat almost the whole box for a meal. The frozen burgers aren’t greasy, and are okay with ketchup. I’m not sure you can really call White Castle burgers, burgers. They are just ridiculous looking. But they get away with it.

  22. Krystal Burgers are just as HORRIBLE as White Castles burgers. Nothing in there tastes like meat at all; Barely looks like meat, too.

    Do yourself a favor. Skip Krystal, skip White Castle, skip whataburger. Go straight to California, or Utah, and get yourself an in-and-out. That is a real burger.

  23. I agree they are gross, one time my dad brought some home for me and for some reason I ate the soggy crap burgers even though they were gross. The fries looked alright, but, by the time I finished the burgers I was feeling slightly sick and didn’t eat the fries. Besides, this crap is awful for you anyways, just eat some veggies.

  24. Whoever HATES on these burgers is A DumB*SS! Yet you eat Baloney, hot dogs and other crap that Americans eat. WHITE CASTLE IS THE YUMMIEST burger in the US!!!

    These BURGERS are NOT SOGGY!!!! They are steamed you dumb a**WIPES!! They are cooked with the bun on top, over onions. Whoever does not like fresh beef STEAMED over a bead of onions is a TOTAL TOOL and a LOSER and a denerate!

    PS: I bet you guys probably eat mayonnaise sandwiches and you probably call INDIAN food nasty too!

  25. I took a bite on a rotten apple long time ago by mistake. That was a much better experience than the taste of White Castle. I live in Saint Louis and all my kids HATE white castle too. I wonder why white castle does NOT have any chains all over the country like Burger King or Mc Donalds? Could it be THE NASTY REVOLTING NAUSEATING TASTE?

  26. For those of you that have not tried the nastiest of fast food fare, let me try and describe what it would take to duplicate this gastromic A-Bomb. Imagine if you were to fish a long dead carcas (any kind of animal will do) out of a nasty river, then steam it (I’m not sure who ever thought steamed grey meat would be a good idea). Hey are those maggots on the grey corpse flesh? Nah, just the chopped onions. Then coat the grey goo meat with snot and toss it between a small roll. Once you toss back a few of these gut bombs, be prepared for a few days of stomach hell. It takes almost a week to clense the grease/cement feeling from your system.

  27. Growing up on Long Island, only the really, really low-class towns in Queens had a White Castle, and White Castle became emblematic of white trash. When I worked on Wall Street it became fashionable for the dipsticks at the trading desks to order in that slop, apparently to establish their streetwise bona fides, since 99% of them would otherwise be mistaken for bathhouse attendants in the Village. It’s now become fashionable in those faux 1910 grills with the dark veneer paneling and plastic tinplate ceilings to strut one’s irreverence by ordering “sliders” and washing it down with, probably, a womanish “lite” beer. So, sliders went from being emblematic of white trash to faux insouciance among those of unmerited wealth. Sure enough, Whole Foods this week is offering a special on “sliders.”

  28. Krystal burgers are just as bad maybe even worse, most disgusting thing i have ever had. we bought 12 for 4 of us, and we wasted 10 of them the other to were just half way gone, seriously disgusting

  29. Being from Texas, I was actually excited to eat some White Castle for the first time, when I visited Brooklyn. I had heard about through tv shows & whatnot. And I pretty much found it rather disgusting. I took two bites out of a burger and called its quits.

    Nothing beats a real southern burger :/

  30. I work at White Castle and I love there burgers and all the food at the restaurant. They beat Krystal’s hands down. They are only soggy if prepared wrong so come to indianapolis and allow someone to cook it correct for you.

  31. Belly bombers at White Castle are great! I love them but they’ve been getting a bit pricy lately. I stopped by there recently and bought some take-home food just for myself and the price was around $12.50. Heck, I can get a steak dinner at Outback for not much more than that.

    After reading the comments here it seems that most people either love belly bombers or hate them. I’m in the love group. If you all want some DISGUSTING tasting burgers that look like White Castles try a clown burger at the Circus Circus resort in Las Vegas. White Castles are 100% USDA ground beef. Many fast food chains can’t say that about their burgers.

  32. I’m a vegetarian, but still love burgers. And loved them with meat before I went veggie. Anyway, if you haven’t be sure to watch the 2004 movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle – it’s pretty funny.

  33. you’re high..or you’re a moron…white castles hamburgers been around for 90 years they don’t need your opinion

  34. HA…!!! what an IDIOT…!!!!! SHIT has been around for MILLIONS of years and I still wouldn’t taste it and I still don’t like the smell of it!!!! The fact that something has been around for a long time DOES NOT NECESARILY MEANS that it is GOOD or ACCEPTABLE or PALLATIBLE for EVERYBODY or for the MAJORITY… MORON…!!!! Unfortunatelly I live in St. Louis and there is no franchise for the BEST burgers I have EVER taste… and those are: WAHTABURGERS!!!!


  36. You must have had a bad experience because I HATEHATEHATE onions and I love White Castle – which surprises even me. I am sure you are probably just picky cuz even picky children like the stuff.

  37. With all seriousness, I have never tried a White Castle, but Krystal is where it’s at. It was 5 years ago I stayed in the Holiday in across the street from the Peachtree Mall in Columbus, Georgia. Me and the boys were drinking and hopping bars. Anwyay, closing time came around and I was on my way to waffle house when I spotted Krystal. THE BURGER MADE ME WANT TO CRY. It was probably the most emotional experience I’ve ever had eating. The following morning a buddy and I returned and I ate about 20 more for breakfast. I’m from CA and I can say that IN-N-OUT has never matched that. HATERS GONNA HATE.

  38. you love them or you hate them…lol….I love them, before i moved to the phillippiens i wouldeat them 3 or 4 times a week….extra pickles and onions

  39. Hey ED GREEN, white castle did not originate in columbus, thats just where they are headquartered… they are from kansas. you are an idiot, they are called sliders

  40. Come on, are you kidding? White Castles are great! They ARE 100% beef, but STEAMED over a bed of onions, with the bun being placed over the burger so it traps in the flavor. If their burgers aren’t your thing, they have chicken rings which are really good. Every so often, the “crave” hits and I got to get a sack of ’em. It’s an acquired taste, I guess, having grown up with them around. You may not like them if you’ve never had one before, but if you don’t like them, then don’t eat there.

  41. White Castles have tasted like crap for the past 5 years. They must have knuckled under like the rest of the fast food purveyors by changing their grease to the healthier alternative. WTF???? The beauty of the White Castle experience was the grease soaked bun! It’s GONE!! I don’t want a healthy slider – I want that ring of oily grease around each & every WC bun – it ain’t a MF White Castle if it doesn’t have it – and today they don’t have it. I moved to this small Central Ohio town 5 years ago – a year after I moved here I was delighted to find that a 24 hour White Castle was being built just a 1/4 mile from my apartment. 4 years later I haven’t been back. They are the most tasteless, greaseless pieces of crap that have ever passed into my oral cavity with the name White Castle associated with it. Shun them! Complain! They are NOT the White Castle of Yore! I remember lining up at the White Castle between 2 & 4 AM at the white castle at Arcadia & North High Street in Columbus – now that was an experience in 1969 to 1971 for a 13 to 15 year old hippie kid high on acid. I’m an old man now but I cherish those days and I really miss the taste of the best nighttime hamburgers (we always wondered if it were beef, ham or rat) White Castles. The days of the hallucinogenic 60’s & 70’s are long gone, and the corporate pooh-bahs and the food police have stolen yet another of my treasured memories. Damn them!

  42. C R A Z Y – P E O P L E !!!!! White Castle is not a burger that is to be compared to any! They are the most unique and delicious burgers on the PLANET! I sadly do not have one in TEXAS but make a point to stop and visit each White Castle when I travel to the north. I LOVE White Castle – nothing on earth like them…they ARE AWESOME!

  43. Well, i have never tried white castle, everyone seems to love ’em or hate ’em, Id be interisted to know what they taste like compared to a average everyday burger.

  44. I love W/C. I grew up with them on the East Coast. It’s too bad they don’t have any stores on the West Coast. I buy the frozen ones at the market and microwave them. I can eat 4-6 at once. Eating them with ground cayenne pepper is GREAT!

  45. White Castle burgers are the freaking shit I don’t care what nobody thinks. I’m from Detroit not New York and I love those little delicious bites of heaven. Have you every thought that maybe it wasn’t something wrong with the burger but your personal preference. Everybody don’t have to like the same thing that’s what makes us individuals its called individualism. So don’t get all pissy over not liking the burger. I have a taste for it, no the meat patty isn’t big or thick and that’s what I like about it. Everything on the menu is delicious and I love those burgers. People go to white castles more than any other restaurant I know. They small, cheap, and awesome. So when I got on here and people acting like white castle burgers stole they first born child I got pissed. If you don’t like it then don’t eat it aint nobody shoving it down your throat. Ain’t nobody got a gun to yo head saying “eat the burger”. Put the burger down and shut up. It ain’t that serious, calm the freak down and take a chill pill. And they people from my city is belligerent yall take the cake. Yall need to be asking what burgers from McDonald is made of.

  46. I agree these burgers are the worst. After watching the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle I really wanted to try these burgers. Living in Canada we had to take quite the road trip to get there. I was so disappointed, they where disgusting, tasting like liver and onions, nasty. I have no idea how they are so successful.

  47. After a long night of drinking a few nights ago, the only thing open at 4am nearby was a white castle in my town. I got 2 double cheeseburgers and 2 double jalapeño burgers. I scarfed them down and they were delicious. I hadn’t had white castle in years, and the next day after eating it, I was literally craving them. So I went back. I got 4 original sliders, 4 cheeseburgers, and four jalapeño, all single patties. Now, let’s cut to today. It’s been 3 days and I am still sick to my stomach. As much as I enjoy the flavor of white castle, I made the classic mistake of eating too many in a short period of time. They have truly wrecked my stomach and intestinal system, and I am a healthy 25 year old man.

    Also, I find it so amazing that people in the comments before mean get so worked up over other people’s life experiences. If you read someone’s comment that differs from your own experiences and values, be the bigger person and understand that as humans we don’t all share the same mindset nor realities, and all of our experiences together create the collective uniqueness that is the human race. Beautiful by its differences.

  48. We have loved White Castle sliders for over 40 yrs until now. We were traveling and found one because there is none on the east coast. We ordered enough to take back home and freeze. We ate some on the way home and they were BAD. What has changed? ///The White Castle we went to in Tenn. was dirty, run down, and severed the most disgusting sliders we have had. There was a beautiful Krystals accross the streat and I wish now we had went there. What has White Castles done??!!!!!!!! Will not buy them again.

  49. I just happened upon this article while googling a pic of White Castle to taunt my friend from Toronto with! I am from Detroit, and every time a friend from out of town pays a visit, they do not leave without hitting up the Castle! This friend is coming in this weekend and has been mentioning White Castle for weeks! You are crazed if you don’t love castle burgers. They are fucking delicious.

  50. Flip you Paul! You’re wrong, oh so wrong. They are made from happiness stolen from orphans, unicorn patties and are cooked on clouds. Go suck the snotty end of my big hairy sex log.

  51. You either love White Castle or you hate them. I have never met anyone who was ambivalent about them. I grew up with them and my family loved them. I don’t consider them to really be “burgers” in the same sense that I don’t consider Chicago-style-pizza to really be pizza. I like both, but they have appeal on their own merits, not as the most outstanding example of a burger. Sometimes you just want a White Castle.

  52. I am originally from the Detroit area, so eating White Castle burgers was just a part of growing up in Motown. I still like them today, although now that I live in Texas I have to wait until visiting Michigan. Everytime I’ve flown back to Mich., the first stop I’ve made after picking up a rental car has been a White Castle to pick up a sack of sliders and an ice cold Coke to wash them down. Man that’s livin! When I was a kid my dad used to bring home Top Hat Hamburgers which are similar to White Castle, but they went out of business.
    Today if I want a burger it’s Whataburger! They make a great hamburger and serve it several different ways. They also make a Breakfest sandwich that is to die for, it’s called The Chedder Jalipino biscuit sandwich and it comes stacked with a fresh egg, cheese and your choice of meat, sausage, ham or bacon. I prefer it with sausage.

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