Comments are back

If you haven’t noticed, with my recent upgrade to WordPress 1.5, comments are back. A while ago I was forced to disable commenting because of the tremendous volume of comment spam I was getting. I hated doing it, but I just couldn’t keep up with all that damn spam.

Unfortunately, within 5 minutes of reactivating comments, I had about 20 pieces of comment spam. I’ve made a few tweaks and hopefully have it under control. So, feel free to make comments on my articles. I always enjoy reading what people have to say. For now, all comments require moderation. That means I have to approve your comment before it actually gets posted. Doing it this way isn’t meant to censor real comments with content I don’t like, it’s strictly to prevent comment spam from making it into the site.

If you’ve come across any great tips for combating comment spam, share it with others by leaving a comment on this article, thanks.

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