War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds

5 Stars

Tonight we saw War of the Worlds. Not to oversell it, but it was awesome! A definite must see!

The last couple of years have seen a big jump in the number of remakes of both movies and classic TV shows, but in this case I don’t mind at all. War of the Worlds was done extremely well. This is one of the few movie reviews that don’t start out… “too long”, or “needs editing”. It will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie.

War of the Worlds is not your typical shoot-em-up sci-fi movie. Without giving anything away, it’s much more of a… we get our asses kicked and how will we react, kind of story.

On our walk home from the theater we were talking about the story, when a few blocks away we heard the thump-thump of a car stereo with too much base. It had a surprising similarity to the sounds of the “tripods” walking. The sound actually gave us both chills.

3 thoughts on “War of the Worlds”

  1. It is me or it was odd that in the beginning of the movie, all electronic devices were dead (including lights, phones, cars and etc), except one person’s digital video camera? How come his video camera was able to work when every thing else was dead?

    I really don’t like Dakota Fanning and her character in the movie. She is like a 40 year old actress trapped in a little girl’s body. I sure hope she will become one of those child stars that end up either bankrupt or overdose on drugs.

  2. How could you say that about Dakota Fanning? Not only is it subhuman to debase someone like that (child or adult), but it’s a horribly callow opinion. She is a very talented actress; above her peers for sure, but also she should be given props for being able to share screen presence with the likes of Denzell Washington, Tom Cruize, and Robert Deniro. I aggree with the 40-year-old comment, though. The talent she has in that little girl’s body is comparable to a matured actress. And, come on, saying you wish a little kid ill further in her life due to drugs is just mean, man.

  3. The ending was a bit of a ‘Perfect Storm’ (if you’ve seen that film) – where it just ends with a bit of narrative. I hate that crap.

    Otherwise, totally amazing… although (being British) I wished they could have atleast set some of it over here. Ah well :-)

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