What NOT to do during a fire alarm

YBL Fire

What do you do if there is a fire in your building?

1. Freak out and jump to your death.
2. Calmly exit the building.
3. Sit on your balcony and drink coffee.

Apparently, this genius thought the answer was #3, because that’s exactly what he did when the fire alarm went off in our building early this morning. While the rest of us calmly exited the building, he decided it was time for a cappuccino. Fortunately, the guy was very lucky, this time. It was a false alarm. A fire-sprinkler broke in one of the units setting off the alarm, and flooding several units.

We were actually very lucky too. The broken sprinkler was in the unit almost directly across the hall from us. We’re really fortunate not to have any water damage. We feel really bad for our neighbors, it’s quite a mess over there.

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