Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday One Digital Life! That’s right, I started this site exactly one year ago today. For it’s birthday I planned to give it some upgrades, and a new suit. But of course I’m a little late, as I am with all birthdays.

I did manage to get Apache, MySQL, PHP, and WordPress running on my local machine so I can test One Digital Life 2.0 without making it live. If you’re interested in setting these things up on your machine (Mac OS X), I highly recommend this tutorial. A couple of days ago when I did it, the tutorial was geared towards Panther, but it has since been updated to include Tiger.

I did have one hang-up. All of my individual pieces seem to be working properly, but they wouldn’t talk to each other very well. I ended up having to uninstall MySQL 4.1.12 and going back to 4.0.24. I started a thread on the WordPress site detailing my troubles. Hopefully it will help someone else with the same problem.

Anyway, stay tuned to the site because I hope to have 2.0 up and running in the relatively near future.

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