CNBC Tiger Coverage and H.264

CNBC Tiger Coverage

Apple recently posted a segment from CNBC covering the release of Tiger, the next generation of Apple’s OSX operating system. The reporter speculates that Tiger could potentially double Apple’s market-share. The piece also takes a few jabs at Micosoft over the long overdue Longhorn (the next version of Windows).

If you are on a Mac running QuickTime 7 the movie displayed will be in the new H.264 Codec. It is simply amazing! The movie is 640×480, 30fps, (Standard TV quality). It’s over 2 minutes long and still is only 12MB. This codec could change everything relating to what we think about online content delivery. There is a very interesting article over at The Shape of Days detailing H.264.

If you are running Windows you’ll have to wait a little longer for QuickTime 7. Apple says it will be released soon.

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