Upgraded to Tiger

Apple Store San Francisco: Tiger Premier

The Purchase

On Friday I waited in line with the other fanatics to buy my copy of Tiger. The Apple Store opened at 6:00pm. I got there a little after 5:00pm and the line was about one block long. Luckily I got there when I did because within minutes the line wrapped around the corner and went another block. Walkers-by kept asking me what was going on, when I told them why we were all there they laughed and continued walking.

We had a birthday dinner to go to Friday night so I didn’t get to install it right away. I started the install process about 11:30pm, and was playing with Tiger until 3:00am. It actually went very smoothly. The install process only took about 20 minutes. The rest of the time was spent exploring the new features.

The Process
I did take several steps to prep for the upgrade. I think they helped minimize potential problems…

1. I upgraded all my apps that released a Tiger patch.

2. I turned off any 3rd party hacks / startup items.

3. I repaired permissions using Apple’s Disk Utility.

4. I booted up off the OSX install CD, ran that copy of the Disk Utility to repair the drive itself. (note: this is for repairing the drive, NOT permissions. You should never repair permissions while booted up from anything other than your main OSX installation.)

5. I booted up off my hard drive and repaired permissions again.

6. I ran the Tiger installer. (after upgrading repair permissions one more time)

I used the “Upgrade” option from the installer. I didn’t want to do a “Clean Install” or “Archive and Install” because you have to reinstall your applications with both of those options. For most people the Upgrade option will work fine as long as you follow similar steps that I did. The installer ran for about 20 minutes, and then I was up and running with Tiger. At that point I went and turned on my 3rd party login items.

The bugs
Although my experience was relatively painless, I did have a few bugs. I had a fair amount of trouble with iSync. It didn’t want to launch. I never did figure out why. I just kept trying over and over and it finally fixed itself. I’m also having some font conflicts. I use Suitcase to manage my fonts, and I don’t have the fonts located in my fonts folder. Tiger installs versions of the fonts that are conflicting with mine. It shouldn’t be hard to resolve this. The biggest bummer so far has been a little app I use called GammaToggle. It allows you to quickly toggle back and forth between Mac and PC gamma. It’s great for cross-platform development. GammaToggle is not compatible with Tiger. I emailed the developer and he is looking into it. I hope he comes out with a patch. He had actually kind of stopped developing it because he has changed his workflow and didn’t really need it.

The Conclusion
So far I am extremely happy with Tiger. The new features are great. I am a little disappointed with Mail.app. It’s much improved over v1, but it’s not quite as refined as I hoped. I’ve been using Entourage, but I’m not really happy with it. Even though Mail.app isn’t exactly what I hoped, I think I’ll make the switch. All-in-all Tiger is well worth the upgrade.

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