Apple offers $30 off .Mac membership

Apple offers $30 off .Mac membership:
“Apple is offering customers US$30 off when you sign up for a .Mac account between April 12 and May 23, 2005, bringing the cost to $69.95 a year. The promotion is open to new users and current members that would like to extend their accounts.

In order to take advantage of this pricing, you will need to purchase a retail .Mac box at the Apple Online Store, an Apple retail store or an Apple authorized reseller. You will receive an instant rebate at Apple Online and Retail — if you purchase through an authorized reseller you will need to send in a rebate form.

If your account doesn’t expire right away, you can still purchase .Mac at the discounted price — Apple’s system will recognize when your account expires and start the renewal from that point.

Apple’s .Mac service includes an email address with the ability to check your email on the Web, online storage using iDisk, the ability to sync multiple Macs, HomePage Web site creation and a Backup utility that can backup files to .MAc or an external hard drive, DVD or CD.”

[ Via MacCentral ]

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