3 thoughts on “50 years of Braun”

  1. Looking desperately for a replacement pot for my KF20.

    I have contacted Braun and no luck so far.

    The coffeepot is Masterpiece.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.

    Ramone Munoz

  2. Ramone or anyone who still has the original
    Aromaster KF20, I have just found a tea steeping accessory called KFT 20 in my garage that slips into the top of the carafe in place of the regular coffee lid. The hot water slowly seeps into this filter, which comes apart in two pieces and into which you place your loose tea, drips into the carafe and makes fine brewed tea. The reason I have this is I am a Design Pack Rat. I sold the very first KF20’s in my store in Madison, Wi in 1972 in orange, white, brown, avocado green, and red. I wish I had saved at least one of them! I wish I had saved one of everything we sold in those days!!!!!!

  3. Hello;
    I still have my Red KF20 and some years back it stopped heating the water so that it would begin to drip. I can’t recall if the heating element at the bottom heated up either. The light in the switch stopped operating also.
    I took it to a well know local repair shop here in Pasadena and they had it working again. The light on the switch had not been repaired but the coffee making function did operate again.
    Unfortunately, the KF20 never did keep the coffee hot enough but – whatever.
    Well, only weeks after I got it back from them it stopped operating again.
    It is in superior condition as I would use pledge wax on it and it has no real scratches. I even used to towel out the interior of the reservoir and as a result it is equally beautiful.
    Where do I go to repair?
    I called Braun years ago (USA) and they couldn’t help but they did want my KF20 for their collection.
    Help of any kind?

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