Amazon $35 rebate for Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger [updated]

Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger

Amazon is offering a $35 mail-in rebate for pre-orders of Apple’s OSX 10.4 (Tiger), the next major upgrade to OSX. Tiger retails for $129.99, so with the rebate you can drop the price to $94.99. It also qualifies for free super-saver shipping.

Apple has stated that Tiger will be available in the first half of 2005, but rumor has it that it should be officially announced any day, and shipping by April 15th. Being an early adopter (and a software whore) I want mine NOW. Tiger does have some cool new features.

Only hours after posting this story, Amazon has pulled the rebate offer, and changed the status from “pre-order” to “item not available”. What the hell Amazon? I’ve seen them do goofy things like this before.

Update 3.27.04:
I happened to check this again today, and it looks like the rebate offer is back up again. Order while you can.

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