Apple Predictions

Apple Logo

So I have a couple of predictions about Apple’s near future. Based on everything I’ve been reading about Apple dealers clearing out their stock of Powerbooks, I think we’re going to see an updated version of the Powerbook announced anytime now, possibly iBooks as well. I’m not sure if the Powerbook will be sporting a G5 or not though. That may be a little optimistic

The second thing I think we may be seeing in the relatively near future is a slight redesign of the Apple look. I’ve noticed that the new iLife, and iWork suites have a distinct look to their packaging (and CD-ROM) that is unique when compared to other Apple products. Nothing radical, but they’ve introduced a little more color, and a little more whimsey into the design. I also keep my eye on the Apple job board, and they have been advertising more web jobs lately, including one position entitled “fuel the future of”. I think we may be seeing a new look for the site in the near future.

Anyway, these are just my personal predictions. We’ll see if they come true.

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