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Apple Mac mini

Will users be able to upgrade the mini’s RAM themselves?
According to Apple’s specifications, no. Authorized service technicians will have to install additional RAM modules. Any attempts at opening the case to install extra memory may void the computer’s warranty. Unfortunately, this means that Mac mini purchasers will be locked into buying RAM through Apple, which is significantly more expensive in some cases than buying from a third-party vendor. note from paul: There seems to be some confusion on this. Some sources are saying that you can upgrade the RAM yourself.

Is the power supply internal?
No. Power comes from an external “brick” adapter.

Does the Mac mini have audio-in capabilities?
No. Audio-in is a feature on the eMac and iMac G5, but not the Mac mini.

Will the Mac mini support multiple displays?
Though the Mac mini only has one display connection port, the included ATI Radeon 9200 (when ordered as a PCI card) does support multiple displays. There are a number of “splitter” display adapters available that may be able to provide this functionality, but as of yet we’ve been unable to confirm whether or not this solution will actually work.

Will Mac OS X 10.4’s (Tiger) Core Image system be compatible with the Mac mini?
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), slated for release in the first half of 2005, will sport a new graphics technology called Core Image that provides enhanced optimization routines to developers and will result in greater performance from image-intense applications. Unfortunately, the ATI Radeon 9200 card included in the Mac mini is not listed as a programmable GPU per Core Image’s specs. However, the system will still be able to make use of Core Image to a limited extent, since Core Image (according to Apple) “dynamically optimizes for the CPU, automatically tuning for Velocity Engine and multiple processors as appropriate.”

How will S-Video output work?
The Mac mini provides S-video and composite video output, allowing the user to connect the unit directly to a TV or projector. This requires the Apple DVI to Video Adapter, sold separately). Currently, Apple lists the DVI to Video Adapter as a US$19 accessory that is “for the Power Mac G5 only.” We suspect that the same cable will work for the Mac mini, though we are awaiting confirmation.

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