Another sign that Apple and Motorola are working on a cellphone?

via Engadget…

“Not that this is really gonna convince anyone that Apple is really working on a cellphone, but Tony Ricciardi from TreoMac relates this story which jibes with what we’d heard from one of our sources told us last week, namely that Apple has been showing off a cellphone prototype to potential partners:

I was on a train this weekend, watching an episode of the Simpsons on my Treo 600. The gentleman sitting across from me asked me how I liked the phone. I told him I loved it and we began a tech conversation. He mentioned that he worked for Motorola. I told him I was a Macintosh consultant, and then he dropped the bomb! “I’ve got a scoop for you”, he teased.

Apparently some of his associates had been telling him earlier in the week about an Apple branded phone that had been circulating around the office at Motorola. The phone had Motorola components, but most certainly had Apple brandings on it. He said that he did not have a chance to handle the phone, but that his direct supervisor did. The phone was “sleek and sexy” in her words. He mentioned that there was talk amongst the people who had seen it that iTunes and iPhoto would factor into this device somehow. They also said that the phone had a slot on the top (media slot?) as well as what looked to be a USB 2.0 port on the bottom.

Anyway, like we said before, we’re fairly confident that Apple has at least been showing off a prototype for a cellphone, we just don’t know whether they’ll actually ever come out with one or not. Definitely sounds like they’re exploring their options, though. We’d kill for some spy pics.”

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