IBM dumps the ThinkPad so it can hook up with Apple?

IBM dumps the ThinkPad so it can hook up with Apple?: “It doesn’t take much to start a good Apple rumor these days (and honestly, all of this is almost starting to feel like those Nigerian scam emails which try to cash in on the crisis of the day by namedropping whoever’s in the news), but LinuxWorld has a good summary of all the increasingly frothy speculation that IBM is jettisoning its PC business in order to more closely partner with Apple (there’s also talk of a merger or acquisition, but that’s just crazy talk). It’s not exactly clear what would be the result (or specific advantage) of such a close collaboration, but Apple does already use IBM’s PowerPC processor in its Macs, so the thinking is that IBM might end up jumping right back into the pool, this time selling laptops running on OS X and powered by their very own chips. That seems a little way out there for the moment, but at the very least selling off its PC unit does free IBM to try and push its chips to more and more manufacturers.”

[ Via Engadget ]

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