Not so White Walls- Interactive Wallpaper

Interactive Wallpaper

from… Interaction Ivrea: Gallery: Not so White Walls

“Stop looking at your TV and Mobile screen! Look at your walls instead. The surface of the wallpaper can display text and images according to the input received from a computer.The wallpaper works like a low resolution and low refresh rate display, giving you the possibility to change patterns and contents on your walls. For example you can read your emails or SMS, but also view the images taken with your mobile phone camera. The function is that of decorating our home environments in a new and constantly changing way. In productive terms, it is interesting to note that this project started like a thesis project and then developed in a real commercial product. At the exhibition will be shown a new re-engineered version.
Project by Dario Buzzini (Italy)”

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  1. Hi Paul
    Are you aware of any companies in Australia that have or are attempting to break into the market of interactive wallpaper? This is any area that I am very keen in further exploring both personally & professionally (therapeutic benefits for people with autism, degenerative conditions etc). Are you also able to shed done light on the intial costs of set


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