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So in previous posts, I have talked about a comment spam problem that I was having. First I had to turn off commenting all together. I didn’t like that at all. Then I turned commenting back on, but I had to manually approve each comment before it would be posted. This solved the probelm, but was a bit inconvenient. Thanks to a great plugin for WordPress appropriately called “comment authorization”, I don’t have to monitor things quite as closely now. The plugin is made by Scott Merrill, over at It proviedes an email verification system for commenting. Commenting is now a two step process. A visitor must provide a valid email address to post a comment, because they will have to reply to an email that is sent to that address for verification.

The new system is now in place, although it isn’t quite as pretty as I would like yet. I need to further edit my css to format some of the text that is generated. I’ll take care of that soon.

Special thanks go out to Scott Merrill for creating the plugin, and helping me get things up and running.

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  1. So how did you get it to work? As I posted at, I am using the styleswitcher plugin and not the default css file and am assuming that is the problem in my case.

  2. Hi Jewel,
    First, make sure you have the curent version. Go to your plugins page within wordpress and make sure it says version 1.6 (NOT 1.5). For me, the link on the developers site lead to 1.5… it had a bug, and I had the same problem as you. The developer sent me a direct link to 1.6, and it worked. If you have 1.6, make sure you have selected the checkbox that requires all comments to be approved by an admin. You also may want to make sure that the 2 files you uploaded for the plugin have the permissions set to read/write. I’m not sure if that one is required or not. If all else fails, contact the developer. I’m sure he can help. He seems like a nice guy. You can email him by going to – click on his name to send him an email.

  3. What’s the difference between various email systems?

    In my openion, very little. I think the best thing to look at is the ROI.

    1) Microsoft – Exchange
    2) Linux – Sendmail
    3) Novell – cc:Mail
    4) UNIX – Mozilla
    5) Other – Elm, Pine

  4. Who are some of the vendors that can fix the email issues?

    Tek Systems, Taos Mountain, CSC, EDS, ACS, Saic, IBM, Microsoft and others.

  5. It has been our experience that GE, EDS, Toshiba, Etrade, Bank of America and various other companies monitor incoming and outgoing communication.

  6. i cant reply to my friends message and i cant request a friend what do i do i did a new my space but it still do the samethihg it says verification

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