Space Hippies take over the Enterprise

Star Trek Space Hippies

“Don’t let space hippies take over your ship”… That’s one of the first lessons they teach at Star Fleet Academy. I guess James Kirk was absent that day. Oh well, even though the hippies captured his ship, they also provided some groovy tunes.

Kirk is so stiff

Your are so stiff… Herbert
00:36, 3.1MB QuickTime

Spock invited to Jam

Spock invited to Jam
01:34, 9.4MB QuickTime

I am not Herbert

I am not Herbert
00:21, 1.9MB QuickTime

Big Jam Session

Big jam session
01:32, 11.4MB QuickTime

Herbert in the Hall

Herbert in the hall
00:21, 2.3MB QuickTime

Spock gets his Groove

Spock gets his groove
00:29, 3.1MB QuickTime


What is a “Herbert”
00:24, 1.7MB QuickTime


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