Temporal vs. Spacial view of time

Temporal vs. Spacial view of time

During a conversation the other night with anne marie, the subject of daylight saving time came up, because we’ll be switching in October. We weren’t sure how it will change, but we both though it would move forward. Interestingly, to me moving forward meant we would lose an hour, but to anne marie it meant we would gain an hour. Obviously our definitions of “moving forward” were different. I’ve dubbed the two views of time as “temporal” and “spacial”. The diagram above illustrates moving time forward by one hour for daylight savings. Both are technically moving forward, but have a completely opposite result, depending on weather you view time in a temporal, or spacial (object oriented) way. I find it very interesting that two people could be saying the exact same words, but with completely diffent intentions.

As it turns out… we’ll be going backwards, at least by my definition… and we will gain an hour in October when we stop observing daylight savings, Time was so much simpler in AZ.

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  1. Yea – It happens everyday at work. Take the following work example: My boss says – “I’ll be working from home today” and my mind thinks “Yea right – work on what?!”

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