Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Johnny Depp: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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Last night we saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) at the Parkway Theater. The movie is Hunter S. Thompson’s classic account of a drug-addled trip to Las Vegas. It stars Johhny Depp and Benicio Del Toro.

I had seen this movie when it first came out, but I guess I didn’t really remember just how bad it really was. Although it had some nice performances by Johnn Depp and Benicio Del Toro, they weren’t enought to save the movie. We both hated it. I think it would have been a really nice short film (like 5-10 minutes), but not a full legnth feature film.

I do recommend the Parkway Theater though. It’s a great place to see a movie. The theater has couches, chairs and table instead of rows of seats. You can order pizza, sandwiches, beer, or wine from the snack bar and they will deliver it to you in the movie.

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  1. I love it so much it hurts. Personally, I regard ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ as one of my absolute favourites, definitely in my top 10. There are so many great lines, and moments. To many to count. Johnny Depp should have received an Oscar for it. His performance is nothing short of genius. Benicio Del Toro takes a great turn as the disturbed side-kick.

    The film is not simply about two buffoons out in the desert taking drugs. It can be examined on a much “deeper” level. In order to better understand the film, one has to have read the book. Even having not read the book, paying close enough attention, many things can be caught. Fear and Loathing is a book that has and will continue to span generations. The film, which closely follows the book, is full of insight into the state of western civilization. The things observed are very awe-inspiring. It is not blunt, things are subtle. This is, if anything very satirical. It is amusing, a little over the edge at times, but raw enough to make people take notice.

    I can’t wait for the sequel, which Johnny is co producing with Del Toro. It will be based on Hunter’s first novel ‘Rum Diary’ which is a great summer read.

  2. yo fear and loathing rules it is the best movie in all of creation when u watch it u get pulled into a never ending roller coster. ” Buy the ticket take the ride” lol . i would absolutly recomend this movie to anyone i love it soooo much johny depp is crazy to think that they did the movie sober is amazing if u whatch fear and loathing get ready to be pulled into another time and place where hippies and druds are everywhere whatch as to friends go to las vegas take enuff drugs to kill an elefant and fight to mantain both there sanity and the way of the 60’s while watching u may feal like ur on drugs urslef because its soo real after u watch it if u dont love the movie and every message in it than i would suggest u get ur head examened

  3. ow one more thing i gotta say “we where somwhere around barsow when the drugs began to take hold i remember saying somthing like i feal a bit light headed maybey u should drive. we had 2 bags of grass 75 pellets of mescaline 5 sheats of high powered blotter acid half a saltshaker of coke a whole galexy of uppers downers screamers laughers also a quart of taquela quart of rum case of beer pint of raw eather and to dozzen emols the only thing that woried me was the eather there is nothing more helpless and depraved than the man in the depth of an eather and i new wed get into that rotten stuff pritty soon” ya fool seen the move like 50 times i love it andreanachrome bitch ya whatch the movie and ull find out what it is by the way there are more drugs in the movie thats just there starter pack

  4. You go and watch a movie to escape into another world, so how can you watche a film in a place that brings you food, by a waiter. Come on.
    Just what I’d expect from a person from San Francisco.
    So sad that the San Francisco scene made me leave the city I grew up in.

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