In the Pod-House

Marcin Panpuch glass sphere house

Polish-born architect Marcin Panpuch has designed a spherical, transparent houseboat designed to solve London’s housing shortage. The sphere would be divided into three floors, each built around a central core holding the stairs, kitchen, and bathroom. Inhabitants would use the lower floor as a bedroom, the upper floor as a living space, and the bottom floor (below the surface of the river) for storage, water tanks, heating, and computers. Retractable screens would be used for privacy, although you gotta wonder how much privacy you’d really get bobbing about in a big bubble on a river in the middle of London.

6 thoughts on “In the Pod-House”

  1. I personally think it is great…
    But how will it be powered, by electicity (including solar) if built on water?
    How strong is the glass?
    Can they be easily identifyed from each other?
    Where does the toilet plumbing work?

    Go on then smarty pants.
    Tell me!!

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