DVD Studio Pro 3.0

Apple: DVD Studio Pro 3.0

My DVD Studio Pro 3 upgrade came today. I can’t wait to explore the new features…

  • Render-free Transition Preview
    Add transitions to menus, slideshows and tracks and preview instantly.
  • Alpha Transitions
    Blend menus, titles and video imagery using new Alpha Transitions.
  • Graphical View
    See projects in storyboard form with nodes and connections.
  • DTS Audio®
    Author using DTS audio, Dolby Digital Professional AC-3 and stereo.
  • Photoshop Integration
    Edit and update Photoshop assets seamlessly within DVD Studio Pro 3.
  • Compressor 1.2
    Encode to SD MPEG-2 using superior optical-flow technology.
  • Jacket Picture
    Add a professional, differentiating detail easily.
  • Output in More Formats
    Format for every major DVD player, including DLT.
  • Import iDVD 4 Projects
    Update and enhance projects with ease.
  • Edit with Power
    Do more, faster using DVD Studio Pro enhanced editors.

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