Spiderman 2

Spiderman 2 movie

2 Stars

Last night anne marie and I went to see Spiderman 2. We were very disappointed. We simply wanted some mindless entertainment, but it couldn’t even do that. It’s just over two hours, but it felt like four to me. The story is all over the place, to many little sub-stories. There is a nice train sequence about 3/4 of the way through that was entertaining, but you have to sit through a lot of junk first. Spiderman 2 should have been the legnth of an old episode of the cartoon… 30 minutes. Than it would have been perfect. Save you money and see it as a matinee, if at all.

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  1. I’ll have to disagree with you there Paul. The character development of Peter Parker was absolutely brilliant. You could see the pain within his soul over the heartbreak of Mary Jane and how he realized he is Spider Man, and Peter Parker is just the disguise he puts on for everybody. And at the end Mary Jane and Peter come together and its just a beautiful scene. This movie was not only a great comic movie but also it had characters that seemed all too real to myself and that if rooted for and that I cried with and it was such a good movie all around one of the best in 2004. Alfred Molina does a spectacular job of being a villain and a good guy at the same time. A great performance by everyone, director Sam Raimi is so underrated and a great movie overall. You’ve got to love it how Aunt May talks about heroes and how they are needed in today’s world and she’s right we all have heroes inside of us we’ve just got to find them.

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