Go Team!

San Francisco Giants Tickets

Last night anne marie and I went to a San Francisco Giants game. It was a work outing through her firm. It was my very first baseball game. I tried to maximize my baseball experience… I had three $8 beers, two $5 hotdogs, and a $3 (small) bag of peanuts. It was fun, I actually had a really good time.

There were a few things I was expecting to see, and didn’t. They don’t have guys walking the isles selling beer. I didn’t see any vendors hucking peanuts into the croud, and there was virtually no organ playing. That was a big dissapointment.

Ironically we (SF) were playing Arizona (my recently former home). We killed ’em!

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  1. Yea they don’t throw the nuts like they would in the moves..lawsuit. You forgot about the $$ for parking which can cost you a beer. But all in all I have found that spending time at an American Past-time tradition is a good way to just take in the day.

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