Entourage vs. Mail, iCal, and Address Book

So I’m in the process of switching from Apple’s ‘mail’, ‘iCal’, and ‘address book’ to Microsoft’s ‘Entourage’. It totally sucks though. I actually really like iCal and address book, I just don’t like Apple’s mail.app. It’s not quite up to snuff. I have PC based clinets who were getting blank emials from me, or attachments that were embeded, and they couldn’t save them to their drive. I hate to use Entourage just for email, because that kind of defeats the purpose (and benefits) of using the all-in-one app. On the other hand I really don’t like the idea of giving up my .Mac synchronization if I don’t use iCal / address book. I really like having the ability to keep my desktop and laptop in sync, with little or no effort. But, Enourage’s new ‘Project Center’ is awesome. It’s so nice being able to link contacts, calender items, tasks, emails, and files in one central location.

There are a lot of other little ups and downs to both systems. Why, oh why, can’t I just have one solution that does everything I want? Is that to much to ask? :)

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