Career Evolution in Advertising

Career Evolution

I couldn’t agree more. I learned a long time ago the higher up you go in any organization, the less technically-savvy the people become. I love how the Executive Creative Director only knows how to do email. (That’s the Microsoft Entourage (Mac) icon for all you PC people)

There’s actually another lesson i learned many years ago that directly relates to this… the higher up you go in any organization, the crappier their computers become.

I remember several years ago I was working for a company that was doing a big pitch to The person behind the project was convinced that the Amazon Executives we would be dealing with were very “sophisticated” people, who would have all the latest equipment, and well-versed in how to use it. He decided that our web component should be built at 1024×768, which at the time was considered high resolution. After we sent everything off, we got a call from an Amazon VP who was having trouble viewing the site. It turned out he was using a 640×480 16bit display. Of course, he had no idea that’s what he was using. We had to guide him though checking his monitor resolution over the phone.

I remember another time where we sent a CD-based presentation to the owner of a medium-large size company. When we got him on the phone he said he hadn’t looked at the CD because he didn’t know how to put it into his computer. His secretary normally took care of “computer stuff”, and she was on vacation.

Lessons learned. :)

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