We’re back in San Francisco

flight from Milwaukee to Atlanta to San Francisco

We made it back from our Milwaukee trip. We had a great time, but the travel home was a bit grueling. Several hours were added to our travel-time because we had to fly to Delta’s hub in Atlanta before heading home. It was about 12 hours from the time we arrived at the airport in Milwaukee to the time we landed in San Francisco. We touched down at SFO at about 2:00am Sunday Morning. We missed the last BART train so we had to take a cab home. We were exhausted. We pretty much slept all day on Sunday to recover.

We had delayed flights. We almost missed our connection in Atlanta. We flew with crying babies, broken video systems, and a guy who barfed all the way to Atlanta. And, just like our trip to Milwaukee, our luggage didn’t follow us all the way home. It stayed in Atlanta, and apparently got left out in the rain as it was soaking wet when it was delivered Sunday night.

I’m not a big fan of flying anyway, but this trip was probably the worst experience I’ve ever had. I did learn 3 important lessons:

  1. Always take your essentials with you on the plane. You may not be seeing your luggage when you arrive.
  2. Anything you put in your suitcase that can be ruined by water should be wrapped in plastic.
  3. Be very suspicious of packages sold by Travelocity. Based on our own experience, and info we got from the flight attendants, Travelocity tends to sell packages that have unrealistically tight transfer times. It’s likely that you, your luggage, or both, won’t have enough time to get to the next plane when you land.