HeavyMail Mac 1.02

The Mac version of HeavyMail has been updated to 1.02. The new release fixes a few bugs, and is worth downloading. If you are new to HeavyMail, it can be downloaded from heavymail.com. If you have a version installed already, you can simply select “check for updates” from the “tools” pull-down menu. If you’ve never … Read more

HeavyMail Mac

For a while now I’ve been doing some little jobs here and there for HeavyMail. We just finished the Mac version of the HeavyMail client software. HeavyMail is basically an app for transferring large files and folders over the internet. An experienced user could just use ftp (if they had a server), but it’s an … Read more


So I (paul burd design) finished a new website the the other day for HeavyMail. I think it came out pretty well. HeavyMail is a new company. They have a piece of software that allows you to send large files, and folders over the internet. From a user’s standpoint it works just like email. You … Read more


So I’ve mentioned here that I’ve been doing some ongoing work for HeavyMail. They are starting a new online version of their service, that doesn’t use any software on the users machine. The file transfers are done entirely through a browser. The new service is called bonpoo. I did a quick logo design (above) and … Read more