GPS Cell Phone for Dogs

Dog collar GPS Cell Phone

Whenever we take Maggie Moo (our dog) to the beach she inevitably runs around like a crazy dog and strays pretty far away… out of shouting distance. Anne Marie and I have joked about getting a cell phone for her so we could call her back to us.

Guess the folks over at Pets Mobility had the same idea because they’ve built a dog collar that incorporates an auto-answer cell phone with GPS tracking called, PetsCell. The unit also has buttons on it that someone who finds your dog can push to call you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can actually buy this just yet, but the site does mention that it will be released “mid 2007”. They don’t have pricing on their site, but a linked news clip says it will run U.S. $400 for the phone, plus a monthly service fee (ouch!).

Check out this post on Product Dose for other great doggie products.

Photosynth demo

Wow! This is really amazing.

“Using photos of oft-snapped subjects (like Notre Dame) scraped from around the Web, Photosynth (based on Seadragon technology) creates breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation.”

Liftoff to landing in 66 years

Wright Brothers - Moon Landing

The Wright Brothers took their very first flight in 1903. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969.

I was reminded of these two facts yesterday, and I had never really done the math. That’s just 66 years between those events.

Within a single lifetime, we went from a civilization that couldn’t leave the ground, to one that could leave our planet in a spaceship. That’s just mind-blowing!

The Future of Web Apps

Future of Web Apps

If you live in San Francisco, and have an interest in web applications, you may want to attend the “Future of Web Apps” summit on September 13th & 14th, 2006.

“This is an exceptional opportunity to discover how the web’s most successful sites and applications were built, plus you’ll get expert practical advice from the best in the business on creating your own web app. Whether you’re a developer, business owner or entrepreneur, join us for this exclusive two-day audience with the biggest names in web development.”

They aren’t kidding about those names. Check out the list on the site. If it were free, I would go in a second. Although it’s not too expensive ($295 US), I can’t justify it, as I don’t make web apps. It would just be cool to hear what those people have to say about how they got started.

Green Wifi: Solar Powered Internet Access

Green Wifi

This morning, I came across this story over at Engadget, about the Green WiFi project. I think this is awesome! It’s just a prototype for now, but a couple of guys from Sun Microsystems have built a self-contained, solar powered wifi hotspot using off the shelf components. It costs less than $200 to make. They are currently testing the device right here in San Francisco, on the rooftop of one of the developers.

This technology could be used anywhere, but the initial objective is to bring internet access to developing countries where reliable electricity isn’t available.

Is Zune the iPod Killer?


You may have heard that Microsoft has officially confirmed they are working on a new “iPod Killer”, called Zune. The devise is expected to roll out by Christmas.

Personal media players will come and go, and someday the iPod will probably be dethroned as the top player. Let’s face it, nothing stays on top forever. What has me worried in this instance, is not the device itself, but Microsoft’s rumored plan of using it’s significant financial might to temp people over to the Zune. It’s been rumored that when you buy a Zune, it will scan your music library, and determine everything you’ve bought from iTunes, and then give that music to you for free in Microsoft’s format. Microsoft is willing (and able) to eat millions of dollars in licensing fees to entice you to switch… and it may work in many cases.

Engadget has full coverage of Zune rumors to date.