Microsoft Entourage 2004

Microsoft Entourage 2004

Last night I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2004. Overall it seems like a good upgrade, but I am having some oddities in Entourage…

The insertion point for my signature is set to precede the quoted message in a reply email. But if I have a default signature set for a given email address then the settings get changed to insert the signature after the quoted text. Why would I want the signature to be at the bottom of the quoted original rather than my reply? The only way around this is to NOT set a default signature. you must select it with each new email.

Printing certain emails results in a dot pattern covering the entire page. It’s as if it were trying to print an extremely light, solid gray background. It only seems to happen on some emails though.

Entourage seems to be occasionally drawing the wrong font in its interface elements. Sometimes all text fields within Entourage turn to right-justified, and slightly larger than the fields capacity (top & bottom). Sometimes the fields also show up as empty unless you click on them. I’ve seen this in some of the pull-down elements as well.

I spoke with Microsoft tech support this morning and they were unaware of any issues and could not offer any suggestions.