Onngh Yanngh

Watch Onngh Yanngh, A Dave Ross Film

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A friend of mine here in San Francisco, Dave Ross, was into stop-motion photography and film making when he was younger. This 8mm film was made in 1980 while he was at UC Berkeley (at Barrington Hall). It’s called ‘Onngh Yanngh’ (pronounced ong yang). I liked it so much that I decided to post it here, with Dave’s permission of course. Dave would like you to consider two things when watching / commenting on this movie…

1. “Those who know, don’t tell — those who tell, don’t know.”

2. “Time is a crutch; eat mandarin oranges. Time is a clutch; drive mandarin oranges.”

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UPDATE: 11.23.06
Dave passed away on November 15th, 2006. He was a good friend, and will be missed. I originally posted the Onngh Yanngh movie back in 2004. I have several other movies of his that I’m now posting, as a memorial. They are available for viewing and download on Google Video by following the links below. I hope you enjoy them, and they bring back fond memories for all who knew dave.
Onngh Yanngh
Front Lawn Studios
Bug Snack
Good Dip
Kitty in the Hobart
Mr. Bill
School Daze
Film at 11
Last Animation

UPDATE (12.13.06):
These links, and more, have been moved to Dave’s blog, as a permanent archive.

Cannes Celebrates iMovie Film

“The surprise hit of the Cannes film festival is a movie made by a first-time director with a budget of precisely $218.32,” reports Charlotte Higgins for The Guardian. “Tarnation was created by 31-year-old jobbing actor Jonathan Caouette, using the Apple Macintosh package iMovie. It is a touching and often disturbing family history pieced together via photographs, home movie images from the 1970s and 80s, and interviews by Caouette with his mother and grandparents.” [May 20]
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Love Me if You Dare

love me if you dare

2 Stars

Last night anne marie and I went to see Love Me if You Dare. It’s a French Film (sub-titles) by writer / director Yann Samuell that received rave reviews at the San Francisco Film Festival. I thought parts of it were quite interesting, visually. But I don’t think I would recommend this one. As the movie went on, I cared less and less about what happened to the characters. I actually started to dislike them. Without giving anything away, the ending is confusing to say the least.

Shrek 2

Shrek 2

5 Stars

anne marie and I went to see Shrek 2 last Saturday night. It was awesome, I highly recommend it. In addition to being a very funny and entertaining movie, Dreamworks Seems to have perfected the texturing of the characters. They look even better than the first movie. There did seem to be a slight syncing problem at times with some of the characters voices though. I give it 5 stars.